Elke Van Lierde



Phd student


Elke obtained her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology (option Biological Psychology) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 2013. She received an FWO scholarship and is currently working as a doctoral student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Liesbet Goubert (Health psychology lab, UGent) and Prof. Dr. Eva Van den Bussche (Cognitive Psychology group, VUB) and under co-supervision of Prof. Dr. Gethin Hughes (Department of Psychology, University of Essex). Her PhD project is entitled: "The familial transmission of pain: the role of observational learning in the parent-child dyad". The aim of this project is to investigate the psychosocial processes that can make children of chronic pain sufferers more vulnerable to develop chronic pain themselves. More specifically, the influence of observing a parent's pain will be investigated in children of healthy parents as well as chronic pain patients. The effects of observing a parent's pain in children will be studied in real-life experimental paradigms.




- Interpersonal dynamics

- Pediatric pain

- Cognitive processes